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Strategic social media campaigns, multi-channel account management, and data-led insights.

Social media experts in specialist industries

Finding it difficult to continuously populate and manage your social media feeds on top of your other daily tasks? You’re not alone. Our team of consultants work closely with in-house sales, marketing and management teams to alleviate the pressure of managing and populating social media accounts, curating bespoke content for specialist audiences and analysing performance using data analytics.

Social media is a critical element of a holistic marketing and communications strategy and plays a key role in communicating with stakeholders on a range of business activities. A lack of strategic direction and tactical planning in this space can easily have an impact on how clients perceive your business. Today’s social media accounts must be populated almost daily with engaging and varied content that links closely with corporate objectives, including market penetration, product developments, ESG initiatives and recruitment.


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Case Study

LinkedIn management for a multinational corporation

Defence Media worked with a multinational aerospace and defence company to establish a UK-focused LinkedIn account to support its market penetration in the country. Our experts were responsible for account set up, strategic analysis and objective setting, account management, post writing and scheduling, and monthly analytics.

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Strategic Insight

Our experts use a range of data analysis tools to assess company and competitor performance and set realistic short- and long-term objectives that will help gauge if an organisation is meeting its social media goals.

Management & Scheduling

We can help manage your social media calendar and schedule posts to ensure that your channels are regularly filled with engaging and relevant content for your target audiences.

Monitoring & Analytics

We closely monitor social media channels using listening and monitoring tools, and collect a wealth of data that will be presented to you each month by your account manager in a bespoke report.

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Data-led approach for effective outcomes

Defence Media is a digital-led organisation that prioritises the regular collection of data to monitor and improve campaign performance across digital channels. Our account managers will provide detailed monthly reports to you that outline how your social media accounts are performing and discuss with you plans for moving forward.

This data-led approach enables a granular inspection of what content is lighting up social media feeds and what is being relegated to last place by the algorithms. Through long-term strategic planning, the Defence Media team can identify trends in performance and fully optimise your account to ensure ongoing success that aligns with your business growth.

The support from Defence Media has been second to none. Not only do they have an insightful and well versed grasp on the defence industry, but their attention to detail is fantastic. Aiding my dynamic workload as Marketing and Communications Manager for a large defence company, the team at Defence Media ensure that our content is relevant, well written and aligned with our company messages. In short – I wouldn’t be without them! ”

Sadie Lockett, Marketing and Communications Manager
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