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Defence Media is an expert in paid advertising and assisting companies in the set up of accounts, ongoing management and optimisation, and analysing performance of campaigns. Digital advertising is a key element of any multi-channel marketing campaign and helps increase customer touchpoints along their complex digital journeys.

Online advertising is a powerful tool and allows a company to accurately target key segments identified during stakeholder analysis and segmentation, as well as retarget individuals that have already interacted with your business. Defence Media can also help establish and optimise conversion elements on your website to assist with the measurement of conversion rates and calculating return on marketing investment (ROMI).


What are the pros and cons of LinkedIn ads in 2022?

In this blog we take a look at the pros and potential cons of using LinkedIn ads as a paid media channel in B2B sales and marketing. LinkedIn advertising expert Grant Turnbull explores what the benefits and the negatives are when it comes to key areas such as cost, audience targeting, and conversions.

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Set up

Our experts will work with you to establish your PPC or social media campaign, including keyword planning and audience segmentation. We also help develop your ad creatives and finalise objectives that will measure campaign peformance.


Our team manages each campaign to ensure that adverts are running efficiently and that budgets are being spent as planned. We can amend and modify elements throughout the campaign to maximise performance.

Budget Consultancy

Unsure how much you should be spending on your digital marketing initiatives and where to allocate your budgets? Defence Media can advise on marketing budget allocation to ensure you meet all of your objectives in the most efficient and effective way.

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An experienced LinkedIn advertising agency

As an agency dedicated to specialist B2B industries, we understand the importance of LinkedIn as a marketing platform and its key role in connecting with potential customers. We work closely with companies to develop paid LinkedIn advertising strategies, including developing content, building audiences, and establishing campaigns with focused objectives that reliably measure success.

Working with an experienced digital agency that understands LinkedIn Advertising ensures that you can engage the right audiences, pursue the right strategy, and spend budget efficiently.

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