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Our staff includes award-winning technology copywriters – including former industry journalists and editors – who understand the complexities of niche industries, and importantly know how to write engaging marketing content tailored to specialist B2B audiences. We are proud to deliver the best copywriting for tech companies, delivering results and value for money that generalists cannot.

We can provide SEO-optimised website content, white papers, blogs and other editorial content that supports your sales and marketing activities. The Defence Media team comprises specialist technical writers who can write engaging and accessible copy on complex subjects.

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How can we help with your B2B copywriting?

Written content is a fundamental part of any B2B sales and marketing campaign and will be one of the primary ways to communicate your messaging to potential customers. The words written by expert B2B and technical copywriters will have a huge influence on how your company or solution is perceived, and also whether your target audience will take some form of action once they read or hear your content.

Whether it is website copy, social media posts, blogs, scripts, or advertising, we adhere to the EAT methodology – copy must be expert-driven, authoritative and trustworthy. In today’s digital world, it is also crucial that written pieces are optimised for search engines (known as SEO optimisation), to ensure that your pieces rank high for target keywords and that you grow your website’s organic traffic.


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Copywriting planning

Your Defence Media account manager will work closely with you to plan your content and organise activities, including commissioning an expert writer and scheduling interviews with your team. We meticulously plan to ensure that we achieve the goals set out, and that deliverables are met in a timely manner.


  • Do you work on a retainer or project basis?
    We can work on individual projects or on a longer-term retainer basis, whichever fits your requirements and budget. In our experience, however, a long-term partnership under a retainer will have significantly more strategic impact on your communications objectives than a one-off project.
  • Do you create SEO optimised content?
    Yes, our team are specialists in search engine optimisation.
  • What are the benefits of SEO optimisation?
    Ensuring that your content is optimised for SEO means that there is more likelihood that it will appear at the top of search engines.

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