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Defence Media is a boutique agency focused on space industry marketing and communications, partnering with companies that are looking to grow in the burgeoning space sector.

Companies in the space sector are pushing the boundaries of technology and are helping humankind advance both on earth and beyond. From rocketry and spacecraft design, to complex sensors and systems, these advancements are paving the way for new possibilities in satellite and space vehicle deployment, including telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation, and even future space tourism.

The demand for satellite-based services also continues to rise, and the increase in the number of small satellite constellations continues to disrupt traditional market spaces. In addition, the sector’s increasing focus on reusability and sustainable practices is contributing to an overall reduction in the environmental impact of space activities.

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With an estimated market value of $1 trillion by 2030, the space economy is rapidly growing and companies of all sizes are vying to make their mark and seize the boundless opportunities that lie beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Whether you’re an industry leader looking towards expansion or a startup seeking a launchpad for success, one thing is clear: strategic marketing and expert communications will be pivotal to your business goals.

By partnering with a seasoned agency that has a deep understanding of the space market, along with its intricate technologies and ever-evolving market dynamics, you will be in the best hands as you grown in this exciting sector.


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Here at Defence Media, our team of seasoned experts is ready to propel your business to new heights. With our comprehensive suite of marketing, communications, and PR services, we’ll help you forge your reputation and help you grow in line with your objectives using a wide variety of tactics.

Together, we’ll craft tailored strategies that align with your near-term aspirations, propel your medium-term goals, and even guide you through the vast expanse of your long-term business objectives.

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