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Case Study


Defence Media was selected by a Tier 1 multinational defence and aerospace company to develop a social media presence for its operations in the UK. The company had previously announced its activities in the UK from a single multinational account.

The task for Defence Media was to establish a new UK social media account that closely aligned with the UK subsidiary’s strategic business objectives, including greater market penetration in the British defence sector.

It was a key requirement that the new LinkedIn account would convey the company’s core values and highlight its high technology products and solutions. The new account would also be populated with other engaging and up-to-date company content, including recruitment campaigns, HR initiatives, and recent company developments. Defence Media also developed an appropriate tone of voice and style that was suited for defence and aerospace audiences.

followers gained


% follower growth in 2021


% increase in website traffic



Defence Media was responsible for establishing a new LinkedIn account including developing a strategy that ensured the account had clear objectives that could be measured over time with data collection.

Defence Media also worked closely with senior members of staff to communicate its strategy, and advise on how best to interact with the new account including sharing posts, commenting and liking. Account managers at Defence Media also closely worked with the in-house marketing team to plan and schedule social media posts using a social media planning tool and devised an approvals process that ensured all posts were signed off before going live.

Social Media Content Calendar

An example of the account’s planning calendar.


Defence Media has worked with the client for over a year and throughout that time has seen significant success in terms of LinkedIn account performance and meeting the objectives set out at the beginning of the project. Notable successes has been a significant increase in followers for the account, which has included key stakeholders from the UK Ministry of Defence, UK Armed Forces and industry partners.

The amount of website traffic from the LinkedIn account has also increased significantly year-on-year, rising over 600% in 2021 and accounting for around 8% of web traffic (over double from the previous year). Follower increase has also increased rapidly and above industry standards, further demonstrating the popularity of the social media account and the effectiveness of the strategy put in place by Defence Media.

Defence Media collects data and analyses the days and times that posts perform optimally.

As the account has grown, Defence Media has been able to collect and analyse data and plot how posts perform at specific times of the day and on certain days of the week. This has allowed the team to refine tactics and gain even greater insights into account performance and allowing us to make improvements where necessary. The client also receives monthly reports that show account progress, such as how post impressions have increased over time.

Post impressions over time showing an exponential rise in performance.

Post impressions over time showing an exponential rise in performance.

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